"Preserving an increasingly valuable historic collection representing Skowhegan's legacy and promoting Skowhegan's cultural heritage"


Skowhegan History House

History House Association, Inc.

Heirloom Gardens

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     We are pleased to welcome you to the Skowhegan History House.  During your visit we hope you will enjoy touring our beautiful Heirloom Gardens.  A garden brochure, available in our kiosk, lists individual heirloom plants with both botanical and common name and offers a glimpse of background information on each plant.


     During the 1800’s many gardens were designed around a central axis that aligned with the main house entrance. The History House front gardens illustrate this design element.


     Both the perimeter border garden, shown above, and the front gardens showcase examples of old-fashioned plant materials that would have been available to New England gardeners in the mid-1800’s.  Five plants in particular, which were common elements of an old fashioned garden, are featured in our Heirloom Gardens. They are Peonies, Iris, Daylilies, Phlox, and Hostas.


     Our extensive ornamental Heirloom Gardens were established in 2005 and are maintained by Master Gardener Patricia Horine.  Funding support for the gardens has been provided through grants from the Maine Humanities Council, the Maine Community Foundation, Western Mountain Fund, and A Healthy Maine Partnership (Somerset Heart Health).  Additional support has been provided by The Bloomfield Garden Club, Master Gardener volunteers, and community members.